goboom - playing with Go

goboom is wrapper around the dmenu. It is a successor and rewrite of xboomx in Go. This is mostly because I wanted to write some Go. But also writing it in Go with csv-backed storage is likely faster than Python with SQLite. The point of it is to sort commands according to their launch frequency. In other words - if you launch Chromium and KeePassX all the time - they will appear in the dmenu list of commands first. »

Parsedown v1.0.1

A tiny update of my MODx wrapper for Parsedown. Bumping Parsedown to 1.1.4. For any changes that actually matter checkout the Parsedown Changelog. »

Victor Häggqvist on #modx, | Blog

Compiling KeePassX from source with Auto-Type enabled

tl;dr Install the libXtest package, which on Debian is libxtst-dev. Wasn’t it obvious that test is spelled with no e? Not to me atleast. This is done on a Debian Jessie (aka Testing) machine. Following will assume you have managed to get KeePassX compile happy. But then when you go in to settings you can’t find where to define the global Auto-Typ key. You might have noticed that during the cmake run libXtest was listed as a optional dependency. »

SL Maps UI refresh roling out now

A UI refresh of SL Maps was just released featuring a new fancy card layout to work way better on tablets and support landscape mode. Also there are five new maps to completely cover Stockholm rails.