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Compiling KeePassX from source with Auto-Type enabled

Victor Häggqvist Sep 03, 2014 0

tl;dl Install the libXtest package, which on Debian is libxtst-dev. Wasn't it obvious that test is spelled with no e? Not to me atleast.

This is done on a Debian Jessie (aka Testing) machine.

Following will assume you have managed to get KeePassX compile happy. But then when you go in to settings you can't find where to define the global Auto-Typ key.

You might have noticed that during the cmake run libXtest was listed as a optional dependency. If you didn't happen to have it installed KeePassX will compile with Auto-Type functionality disabled. To be able to compile with Auto-Type support install libxtst-dev like so;

sudo apt-get install libxtst-dev

Then you just run cmake and make again to compile with Auto-Type enabled.

keepassx make Auto-Type
SL Maps UI refresh roling out now header

SL Maps UI refresh roling out now

Victor Häggqvist Aug 09, 2014 0

A UI refresh of SL Maps was just released featuring a new fancy card layout to work way better on tablets and support lanscape mode. Also there are five new maps to completely cover Stockholm rails.

Get yours at

slmaps android
RackTemp: Temprature monitoring with Raspberry Pi header

RackTemp: Temprature monitoring with Raspberry Pi

Victor Häggqvist Jul 15, 2014 0

RackTemp is a web application that collects temperature readings from the DS18B20 sensor, displays pretty stats and notifies you if things get out of order.

Read More raspberry pi monitoring temprature


Victor Häggqvist Jul 14, 2014 0

Display your latset github commit on your site. Use it to show of what you are up to, or just to publicly shame your self in to writing less shitty commit messages.

This is a rewrite of Johan Nilsson's Last Commit Widget but in vanilla js, since there is really no need for jQuery here.

Get it on github,

git js

Parsedown for MODx

Victor Häggqvist Jun 28, 2014 0

In the making of this site I had reacently found and since the benchmarks of it compared to PHP Markdown 1.3 was prommising I wanted to use it. Therefor I have packaged it for simple use in MODx. The package named simply Parsedown is available through MODx package management system, just search for it. View the project page here


An Image lightbox

Victor Häggqvist Jun 28, 2014 0

Every now and then when creating for the web you are likely to need a fancy slideshow way of displaying images, a lightbox. There is of course lightbox which now a days is lightbox2. But that one didn't really catch me enough, so the search continues. Now lately a couple of months ago I stumbled upon a blogpost by Osvaldas Valutis who apparently had sort of the same experience as me. He equally like me wanted something simple and slick that would give a great experience on any device, touch devices included. To my satisfaction he also provided it!

While his start was great, it was a little inaccessible just lying on his site with a downloadable JavaScript file. But that didn't stop me, as I'm using it on this site. I thought I'd make it some what more accessible. So here it is and passing jshint, which it didn't before. Check it out over here.

Hello! header


Victor Häggqvist Jun 23, 2014 0

Finally I made time to make it happen. So now this thing is live. More content is to come.

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A temperature monitoring application for Raspberry Pi

Parsedown for MODx

Parsedown packaged it for simple use in MODx

Image lightbox

A touch friendly image lightbox